Revealed.... 4 Reasons why Average Students fail to make their Parents Proud

& How to fix it

Average Students, Life is tough for them. Nobody is ready to hire them without experience

 And when nobody hires how could they get the "so required" experience to get their first job and fulfill a youngster's dream.

Almost every average student faces this challenge when he starts searching for his first job.

It hurts when a student, filled with enthusiasm and dreams of making a difference to his family status, gets rejected without any apparent reason.

Rejection after rejection shatters all the confidence that an average student acquires with years of struggle at school and college.

His aspiration of making his parents proud and buying his "first" clothes, shoes, and mobile with his "own money" starts feeling depressing.

Even in a high in-demand profession like Digital Marketing, thousands of students are wandering for their first job and hundred thousands more are ready to join the same rat race.

After repeated rejections an average student starts questioning himself--:

In a digital world where a business cannot survive without Digital Marketing, why is he not getting a job? What is wrong with him?

Sometimes he even cries in loneliness blaming himself for all the failure.

When the "real problem" is not with him but with the way he is "programmed by faulty education system"

Since childhood an average student is programmed to believe that "knowledge is Skill" and if he knows more he will get better jobs, lucrative salary, and everything a youngster desires.


Let me tell it loud and clear,

"Knowledge is Skill" is the biggest lie that our education system teaches us.

Take a moment and think of 10 successful entrepreneurs you know and check their average education record. 

I bet 5 of them would be college dropouts and the remaining five are Average Students like You.

 This success of rich entrepreneurs confirms that the problem is not with an average student but is with the "brilliant" education system that "fails to make him skilled even after 18 years of teaching".

I myself is one of the "culprit"

who became a Digital Marketing Trainer after 8 years of hardcore Digital Marketing experience but couldn't make all of my Digital Marketing students get a job. 

Some students got their first job in Digital Marketing like:-

Aniket who had the responsibility of taking care of his mother after his father's death. He wasted his 2 years in govt exam preparation, failed, and had no idea what to do next. He got his first digital marketing job after training and made her mother proud.

Akash an "average student" who had stopped using Facebook after failing at his first job in a finance company and decided to pursue a career in digital marketing and regained his lost reputation and respect with his first Digital Marketing job.

But some other failed.

Who is responsible for it? Who really failed?

Students or I?

I consider myself responsible for it and that's why I analyzed what made some students get a job while others had to struggle. 

After analyzing all my successful students' habits, who got their first Digital Marketing job immediately after the course,

I realized that there are 4 factors that determine success for getting the first Digital Marketing job.

And an average student who fails is always weak in one of them

Practical Exposure

Prime Rapport

Job opportunity network

Case Studies portfolio

But only knowing the reasons were not sufficient...

I wanted to free myself from the guilt of not helping every single student get their first job.

So I decided to make a step by step plan that could get any average students to get his first Digital Marketing job even if he is a complete beginner by mastering these 4 factors.

And I built the detailed 11 steps practical plan to get the first Digital Marketing job without getting rejected from one company to another.

I call it "First Job Blueprint"

I am excited to share this in 2 days dedicated WhatsApp class and because you have made it so far, I think you are excited too.

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If you want to make your parents proud with your first Digital Marketing job in 90 Days without getting rejected from one company to another with First Job Blueprint, Consider joining the First Job Blueprint Whatsapp Class.

In this 2 Days class I will share-:

In this 2 Days WhatsApp Class I Will Share 

11 Steps First Job Blueprint to Make Your Parents Proud

Now it's time to present your offer as the perfect solution to everything you've been talking about so far in your story.

While we were holding back before, it's now time to be very specific. Talk about your product, what it is, what your customer gets when they purchase. At this point, after all the buildup, your readers really want to know what you have to offer, so don't hold back.

  1. 1
    SESSION 1: 4 reasons why average students fail to make their parents proud with their First Digital Marketing job (with self-assessment test to know what is your weak point)?
  2. 2
    SESSION 2:  with clear instruction of how you can implement it yourself to get your first Digital Marketing job in 90 Days (pdf template included)?
  3. 3
    SESSION 3: Live practice on how to get your first internship and get practical exposure required to get the first Digital Marketing Job. (Get Free Templates to pitch for stipend paid internship)
  4. 4
    SESSION 4: How employers select and reject resumes? what do they really want in a resume? How to build your prime rapport by implementing proactivity secret. ( Resume writing activity with Free hand-picked Resume template)
  5. 5
    SESSION 5: How to build your Job Opportunity network on Linkedin with the "You come first method" (Live Practice of You Come First Method)
  6. 6
    SESSION 6: Sherlock Homes Technique to crack interview: The only secret job interview cracking technique you ever need to know to crack any Digital Marketing Interview

Each of these sessions will be 30-60 minutes long covered during a period of 2 Days in WhatsApp class. Live Session will be conducted via Zoom App.

If you are serious to get your first job and make your parents proud, you can join this WhatsApp class as a beta tester by clicking on the link below. 


To keep non-serious students away, I have kept nominal fees of Rs 199 for the 2 Days class and I will return it back when you complete the WhatsApp class exercises.

Is WhatsApp Class Right for You?

I am sharing the clues to let you decide yourself

You Should Join If 

  •  You want to prove your worth to people who undermined you.
  • You want to Buy your first mobile, shoes and clothes with your "own money"
  • Want to Take care of parents and pay back what they did for you.
  • Talk confidently to relatives & friends.
  • Financial independence

You Should NOT Join If

  • You want to be tagged as Unemployed.
  • You want to listen Questions from relatives and neighbors.
  • You want to feel the self-hate after rejections.
  • You want to read in your parents eyes how long do they have to wait.
  • You want to feel jealousy when your friends get a job and you just congratulate them.

Frequently Asked Questions

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