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8 Passive Income Business Ideas that you can start with small Investment

8 Passive Income Business Ideas that you can start with small investment

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8 Passive Income Business Ideas that you can start with small Investment

You can also live a fulfilling freedom lifestyle with Passive Income Business Ideas that only require a small investment.

Passive Income at some point of time in life, we all want to have a taste of passive income which grows while we sleep. Learn 8 Passive Income Business ideas that you can start with a small investment after mastering Digital Marketing Strategies

Just a quick refresher about Passive Income would help us go a long way.

So what is passive income in the first place?

Passive income is any income that you earn when you are not actively spending your time to complete tasks to make money from it.

Rental income is a popular example of passive income where you offer your property on rent for a specific time during and make money from it.

Some other examples include income from music and book royalties where artists create a copyrighted work once and earn passive income with royalties.

Now the problem is that most of the sources of passive income require an upfront investment of Big capital but in this video, you can learn 8 passive income business ideas that require little investment.

Abhishek Suneri is the Digital Marketing Trainer & Digital Marketing Consultant at Pratham Digital Edutech. His area of expertise is Paid Digital Advertising. He is a published author of Book on Facebook Marketing and contributor to Social Media Examiner Blog. He has vast industry experience of offering Digital Marketing Services like PPC Management, Google Ads Management, Facebook Ads Management, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Content Strategy. In the past 11 years, he has worked for clients in Pharmaceutical, Education, Advertising, Real Estate, Interior Designing, B2B, and numerous niches of local businesses.

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